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The product started to go into development in 2006 by Byron Dittberner. Byron has been involved in the direct marketing of medical insurance, emergency services products, life insurance, retirement planning and medical aid for the past 8 years and also attained an NQF5 through Liberty – University of Stellenbosch in wealth management.

There is a great need for medical aid and insurance, in fact, these are things we are forced to take out because otherwise we can be subjected to substandard treatment. Unfortunately prime healthcare comes at a price.

In Byron’s time working with the different companies there were always those unanswered questions such as:

  • If I am involved in an accident and I am unconscious, how will emergency services know that I am covered, either with medical aid or other insurance policies
  • If I am involved in an accident, they will take me to hospital - but what happens to my car, where and how do I get my car back
  • On my medical aid I have so many different numbers to remember, authorization, dentistry, optometry, chronics etc why can’t there be one number for any emergency

In a lot of cases that Byron has dealt with, it was found that if the husband had to die, the surviving spouse does not know about all the policies that he may have had or even how to wind up the estate of the deceased husband.

With all this, was born as the solution of “one number – any emergency”. But we aimed to be remarkably different to the rest, with the ID bracelets. The idea is to have a secure website that can be accessed by emergency personnel, giving them instant information like medical aid and insurance particulars so that you will be get the very best medical treatment medical aids will pay for (and indeed what your membership allows for), but most importantly medical particulars such as past injuries, allergies to medication etc.

Read our FAQs to get a quick idea of what benefits you get when you join.

Imagine this as a scenario: What happens if your daughter is raped in town or in some park and she has no ID or any form of proof of medical cover. The ambulance will collect your daughter, she gets the name “Jane Doe”. No identification – NO treatment. Obviously the basic medical treatment will be given, but not that which you pay your medical aid for!!

She lands up in a state facility. In the meantime you are paying for medical aid. Granted, once she comes round and is able to contact her parents she will be moved to the appropriate facility.

If you daughter was registered with MEDtag, all of this would have been avoided. The common talk is that insurance companies will find any excuse to escape paying claims, this however is not really the case. Most of the time the member does not understand the product that was sold to them. Because of this, it inspired Byron to find an accredited medical aid brokerage that offers unbiased opinion to most of the top medical aid schemes. After negotiation with Medical Aid Management Services it was decided that they will handle all claims, hospital authorization and any other issues including moving between medical aid’s without any extra cost to the member.

At this time we were in a great position to help save lives and assist in getting people the very best of treatment, but we wanted more. Byron came across a company called Tailored Business Solutions who are remarkably different to any other brokerage, for example, services from renegotiating interest rates for you to investments and retirement planning. By doing a complete financial consolidation you may save up to 25% on you portfolio.

At this point we are now able to provided members with a first time service, that is obviously in the members best interest. In other words, the financial gain far out weighs the subscription you are paying.

In the future we intend to make this a household brand and the company that is on the side of the client / patient.


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