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  • At least 1 in every 15 South Africans will have trauma this year
  • Every 43 minutes somebody in South Africa dies as a result of a motor vehicle accident
  • For every person that dies, 85 are admitted for treatment at a medical facility
  • Over 20,000 interpersonal deaths (Murders, suicides, hijackings, etc) will occur this year alone
  • At least 1 in every 10 trauma patients will be treated incorrectly at a medical facility due to a lack of appropriate medical information
  • Crisis situations can strike at any time, be it a medical emergency, trauma, vehicle, criminal or household related incident


Here are some interesting FACTS that will make you think:

Consider the different populations - USA and SA, then read these stats.

Every year about 18,000 South Africans die in motor vehicle crashes. 150,000 other people are injured, often seriously. This costs the SA economy R43 Billion a year. Alcohol is involved in about 50% of the cases.

View the website - South Africans Against Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Accident

There are about 17,000 alcohol related car accident deaths in the United States each year, this means that there is a drunk driving death every 31 minutes. Alcohol was a factor in 39 percent of all fatal accidents and in 7 percent of all crashes in 2004.

Additionally about 248,000 people are injured in accidents where police reported that alcohol was present, thus one person is injured in a drunk driving accident in the US every 2 minutes. These incredible statistics reveal why drunk driving is a major public policy issue.

Car Crash Stats: There were nearly 6,420,000 auto accidents in the United States in 2005. The financial cost of these crashes is more than 230 Billion dollars. 2.9 million people were injured and 42,636 people killed. About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States -- one death every 13 minutes.

In 2003 there were 6,328,000 car accidents in the US. There were 2.9 million injuries and 42,643 people were killed in auto accidents.

In 2002, there were an estimated 6,316,000 car accidents in the USA. There were about 2.9 million injuries and 42,815 people were killed in auto accidents in 2002.

There were an estimated 6,356,000 car accidents in the US in 2000. There were about 3.2 million injuries and 41,821 people were killed in auto accidents in 2000 based on data collected by the Federal Highway Administration.


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